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Alchemy Ambience

Offering exceptional presentation and an elegant sophistication, this Alchemy Ambience range by Churchill is stylish and graceful.

Undeniably appealing, this range is also practical and robust. The lightweight china material is strong due to the high alumina content. This collection features an ultra low profile with a defined well and raised inner rim.

This collection meets the quality standard for food service tableware (BS4034) and has a durable design especially created to perform in a busy catering environment.

With high thermal shock resistance and the ability to withstand 5000 dishwasher cycles, this collection is dishwasher & microwave safe. High temperature firing in the creation process ensures the range is hygienic and has fantastic heat retention properties. This process also prevents thermal shock and reduces breakages.

Protected by an ecoglaze finish, the Alchemy Ambience range has enhanced performance and prolonged lifespan. The glaze also improves stain and metal mark resistance.

Designed to be stacked safely and to maximize space saving, this range is ideal for professional use. Many individual items in the range have a glazed underside to prevent damage when stacked.