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Greener Planet Range

 Our Green Planet Range of 

Eco-Friendly Disposables

Work towards a greener future by bringing Colpac and  eco-friendly disposables into your food service operation. Ranging from eco packaging to compostable paper cups and straws, this selection of green catering supplies will help you lower your business's carbon footprint and reduce the amount of waste you send to landfill. Using eco disposables and bio packaging also makes for a quick and easy way to boost your environmental credentials without costing the earth - perfect for any green-minded festival, mobile catering event, workplace or café.




Recyclable packaging materials can be separated, collected, processed from the waste stream and then manufactured into a new product.


Recycled packaging is produced from recovered materials. Conserving natural resources, greatly contributing towards improving and protecting our environment. Many of the products featured in our catalogue, contain recycled packaging elements, such as rPET lids


Biodegradable refers to the ability of materials to break down and return to nature. In order for packaging products or materials to qualify as biodegradable, they must completely break down in commercial facilities and decompose into natural elements within a short time after disposal – typically a year or less.

This process is influenced by time, sunlight, air and moisture.

 Extended Shelf-life

With targets set to cut global food waste by half in 2030 and to reduce greenhouse emissions, we have developed a paperboard range of heat-sealable and modified atmosphere packaging (M.A.P.) which can extend the shelf-life of products by several days, and even weeks. In turn this can lead to reducing food waste and fuel emissions through less frequent deliveries. Shelf-life varies dependent on ingredients, packing conditions and the environment in which the packed goods are stored.

**We always recommend that you clarify the shelf-life of your own products, when using our packaging, by carrying out your own trials. **


Compostable materials are similar to biodegradable materials, as they are both intended to return to the earth safely. However, compostable materials go one step further by providing the earth with nutrients once the material has undergone a biological degradation process in commercial facilities, leaving no visible or toxic residue.

We list a number of stock products within our portfolio which are fully compostable within 16 weeks, with one range fully compliant with the EN 13432 standard as compostable within 90 days.

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