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Chilled Food To Go

Salads continue to be the star of the food to go market and today the chilled food to go market caters for a wide breadth of food from traditional salads to exciting new trends such as sushi and vegan multigrain salads. Our packaging solutions are varied to support this from  salad packs and multifood pots to our award winning Combione® and Fuzione® ranges. You will find a solution that will suit your product needs and will display it in an appealing manner.

The assortment has products designed and manufactured from both recyclable and compostable materials to suit the increasingly sustainable and environmentally focused consumer. On shelf impact is important and our packaging can be customised from tamper proof labels to full branding to create a presence on shelf.

Product properties such as ease of use, barrier options, closure mechanisms and shelf life are important considerations at point of filling and will govern which products are suitable for which contents. Our account management team is available to discuss these options and ensure that you get the right packaging for your product.

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