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Speed Rails & Shelf Tile & liners

  • Large Speed Rail 42"

    Large Speed Rail 42"

    Saving space as well as organising and storing bottles is easy with this 42" speed rail. Crafted from stainless steel, this item will be protected against rust within a damp environment - perfect for all that a busy bar throws at it. Wall mounts on both...

    £31.51 inc. VAT
    £26.26 ex. VAT
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  • Medium Speed Rail 32"

    Medium Speed Rail 32"

    Store and organise bottles in your bar using the Beaumont 3561 speed rail. This rail allows staff to quickly identify the spirit bottles, helping to speed up drinks service. This 32" speed rail is made from stainless steel, which means it won't rust even...

    £24.70 inc. VAT
    £20.58 ex. VAT
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  • Small Speed Rail 22"

    Small Speed Rail 22"

    Make it easy to organise the back of your bar, with this speed rail from Olympia. With a length of 22", this speedrail is able to house multiple bottles and make it easy for your staff to find the drinks that they need.Thanks to the stainless-steel...

    £17.65 inc. VAT
    £14.71 ex. VAT
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